So despite New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe coming out yesterday, I have been to be able to get 5 stars on your save file is catch Nabbit in every single world. Now having 100% the game on the Wii U version, I've been switching back and I've been following a guide to let me know about any secret exits I need to know 

All secret exit locations in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe with Peachette. #Mario #NewSuperMarioBros If you are interested in more videos for this game, please check out the playlist link below.

As with other Ghost Houses, finding the last Star Coin will lead you right to the Secret Exit. After clearing the top floors of the house, go back to the middle floor, and use the trampoline on

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has two distinct Mario experiences in one package. In this guide, we'll show you how to find all of the secret exits in New Super Mario Bros. U. Most of the exits

Star Coins: World 7-Ghost. This is our Star Coin guide for World 7-Ghost in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This Ghost House includes a secret exit to 7-5. Star Coin #1 - Let the crazy punchy ghost beat his way into the blocks. You can stand at the edge of the top right at the start. Then jump down and get the Star Coin. Where is the secret exit in World 1 tower in New Super Mario Bros

Secret Exit: New Super Mario Bros. U Secret Exit (New Super Mario Bros. U) Da ja die Overworld viel grösser ist, fällt es mir enorm schwer abzuschätzen, in welchem Level sich ein Secret Exit befindet. Habt ihr Tipps wie man das World 1 (New Super Mario Bros.) - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

How to Beat New Super Mario Bros. U in the Least Possible 1 Wii U game system. 1 Wii U disc for New Super Mario Bros U In fact, most Mario games have a secret exit in level 2 of the first world. It's become a tradition. New Super Mario Wii exits and secrets guide | GamesRadar+ Dec 9, 2009 Is New Super Mario Bros. Wii's New Super Mario Wii exits and secrets guide Page 1 of 2: It leads to a warp pipe to World 2's boss castle. Secrets of New Super Mario Bros. Wii revealed | Wii | Support Nov 9, 2019 There are no shortage of exciting Worlds to explore in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but if you have the urge to quickly get from one World to