Beim Erscheinen der Oculus Rift ging ein kleiner Ruck durch die Spielelandschaft. Die erste VR-Brille für den Hausgebrauch wurde per Kickstarter finanziert uOculus Rift has a new minimum spec, $499 entry-level PC……6/13189600/oculus-rift-minimum-specAt Oculus Connect today, CEO Brendan Iribe announced a new, lower minimum hardware spec for using Oculus Rift. The new spec is thanks to a technology called Asynchronous Spacewarp, allowing systems to deliver a stable 45 frames per second…

Oculus Rift S recommended PC requirements: How to tell if 20 Mar 2019 Want to dive into VR? Make sure your PC has what it takes to power the new Oculus Rift S before it comes out! Oculus Rift S: Neues Spitzenmodell von Oculus VR vorgestellt

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The Rift S tracks the position of itself and its controllers in 3D space using a system known as Oculus Insight, which uses the 5 cameras on  Buy Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

Oculus Rift S is our most advanced PC-powered gaming VR headset. Step into our best VR games with improved optics, tracking, and ergonomics. Oculus Setup: Rift S, Rift, Quest & Go | Oculus Download VR software on your PC to set up Oculus Rift S and Oculus Rift. Download the Oculus mobile app on your phone to set up Oculus Quest and Oculus  Getting Started with Your Oculus Rift S | Oculus Support Center Yes. No. Permalink. How do I check if my PC computer meets the minimum or recommended system specifications to power Oculus Rift or Rift S?

Rift S and Rift 1.42 PTC Release Notes — Oculus The dudes from the VRML community often reaches me because they know I have Oculus S asking me if Oculus S is it a good VR device for competitive, because their teammates want to buy and are seeking for suggestions, and I have to say: be aware there are those huge bugs, wait until oculus devs fix it. But the device has been released 6 months Oculus Rift S Review & Rating | 30.04.2019 · Oculus popularized modern virtual reality with the Rift and is taking two different approaches with its new virtual reality headsets. The Rift S is a direct follow-up to the Rift that simplifies Oculus Rift S review | PC Gamer The Oculus Rift S sits at a crossroads. In one direction is the Oculus Quest, a standalone headset that doesn't require being tethered to a gaming PC, for the same price as the Rift S. In the Oculus Rift S versus Oculus Rift: the spec comparison chart |