3 Ways To Access Facebook Full Desktop Website On Android

Today, I was asked a question about using the Facebook For Android app to update a Facebook brand page for which you are an admin. You can’t access many of the features on Facebook with the Android app. When you visit Facebook in a web browser, it will show you the mobile version of the site. However, there are some steps you can take to access the full version of the web site on any mobile device. How to access the desktop version of Facebook on my phone - Quora To access the desktop version of Facebook on phone, Log in from your phone browser to facebook. Now, on the Url bar, type Log into Facebook | Facebook; You should be able to see the desktop. P.S: The link that I have shared got converted to hyperlink. So please inspect it accordingly. How to Access Full Facebook Site on Mobile Phones (Desktop

If you have a phone with web access, enter m.facebook.com into your web browser. On most phones, you can access the internet browser from your phone's menu. To save time, you can add Facebook to your phone’s bookmarks. MobileTest.me - Test your mobile sites and responsive web designs

Aug 26, 2019 Often, sites will hide certain functionality behind their desktop versions, limiting what mobile users can see or do while browsing the site.

How do I have my custom Facebook tabs show up mobily May 25, 2017 We have created custom Facebook tabs through ShortStack. while a desktop user would see the desktop version of the Campaign within Facebook. You can learn more about Facebook Campaigns on mobile devices here:  How do I switch back and forth between the desktop and mobile May 30, 2019 If you're reading this, you're likely on our mobile site. To switch to the full desktop version of the site, scroll down and tap on the Desktop version  Optimize Your Facebook Cover Image for Mobile Viewing Facebook Cover Image not showing up right on your mobile device? Or have you updated for mobile viewing and now it doesn't show up correct on the desktop 

View Full Desktop Version of Facebook Site on Android How to access the full version of Facebook site - the same web page as you open on your desktop computer. Open Menu by tapping the three dots icon and check Desktop site: Right after that the desktop full version site of facebook.com should appear on your Android phone

I own a Lumia 650 and I have the same issue, Facebook now shows the basic version for me, the same one shown for Java phones, our phones however have a modern and a capable browser (Microsoft Edge), so Facebook should provide us with the more modern version, well, if they still care about Windows Phone users, it seems no one does nowadays.